Swiss climate change scenarios

The climate of Switzerland is changing. The Climate Scenarios for Switzerland CH2018 describe how our climate could change up to the middle of this century and beyond. «Dry summers», «Heavy precipitation», «More hot days», and «Snow-Scarce Winters» are some of the expected consequences of unchecked climate change for Switzerland. The potential impact of globald efforts to mitigate climate change – and the extent to which climate change would still affect Switzerland – is shown by the scenario «When climate change mitigation takes hold». The Climate Scenarios combine simulations that use the latest climate models with observations of the trends thus far, providing the most accurate picture to date of our country's future climate. The Climate Scenarios CH2018 confirm the previously known trends (CH2011, CH2007). However, they present a substantially more detailed picture of the future Swiss climate. (Source: CH2018 – Climate Scenarios for Switzerland)

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