Swiss Society for Anthropology

The umbrella organisation of anthropologists in Switzerland represents the interests of the discipline to the general public and the authorities. Its members are mainly composed of experts with a focus on natural science.

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  • 25.11.2019

Report of the SGA/SSA Annual Meeting 2019 in Basel

This year, the Annual Workshop and Meeting of the Swiss Society for Anthropology (SGA/SSA) took place between the 15th and 16th November 2019 at the Natural History Museum in Basel.
Archäologie im Nationalpark
  • 30.09.2020

NATURAMA-Vortrag Neuer Blick auf alte Fundstellen

Neuer Blick auf alte Fundstellen – Archäologie im Unterengadin​. Ein Vortrag von Dr. Hannes Flück, Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter Archäologischer Dienst Graubünden
Bulletin 2018 24_1
  • 2018

Bulletin SGA 2018 24_1

Bulletin der Schweizerischen Gesellschaft für Anthropologie

The Swiss Society for Anthropology was founded in 1920. It is part of the Platform Biology of the Swiss Academy of Sciences (SCNAT).

Close contacts are maintained with neighbouring disciplines such as palaeontology, human anatomy, zoology, ecology, anthropology, archeology, forensic science, history, social history and history of medicine.

SSA organizes an annual general meeting in Switzerland, which is followed by a scientific discussion.


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