Swiss Society for Anthropology

The Swiss Society for Anthropology (Société Suisse d Anthropologie (SSA)) is an umbrella association of Swiss anthropologists and represents interests and concerns in the field of anthropology towards the public and public authorities. Its members mostly comprise scientifically-oriented anthropologists who primarily operate in the fields of (pre-)historical and forensic anthropology, primatology and palaeoanthropology.

Group Picture of the SGA/SSA Annual Meeting 2016
  • 01.12.2016

Report of the SGA/SSA Annual Meeting 2016 in Basel

The Annual Meeting of the SGA/SSA was a great success. The day started with the business meeting with important agenda items (including amendments of the statutes). After the business meeting Dr. George McGlynn from Munich, Germany presented the excavation of the graveyard from the psychiatric hospital in Hall, Tirol. The day continued with further presentations, including preliminary results of new excavation sites, analyses on mummies, research of the findings from a Neolithic Dolmen and many many more. Find out more about the Annual Meeting in the report.
Berner Totentanz
  • 02.11.2016

Berner Totentanz 2016

Inspiriert vom Vorbild Niklaus Manuels haben die Berner Künstler Jared Muralt und Balts Nill eine Neuinterpretation des Berner Totentanzes erschaffen.
Fotografie von/Photographie de: Uniklinik Balgrist, Zürich, Carol Urfer (Ins, Kirchgemeindehaus 1987, Grab8). Rechte und linke Tibia und Fibula frontal (positioniert in der in situ-Lage).

Bulletin of the Anthropology Swiss Society

The Bulletin is the official journal of the Swiss Swiss Society of Anthropology and offers the ability to publish in English, German, French and Italian.

SAVE THE DATE: The annual meeting of the SGA/SSA 2017 will take place on Saturday, the 25th of November at the University Zurich! There will be a workshop on dental anthropology in advance on Friday, the 24th of November. More information will follow!!!

The Swiss Society for Anthropology was founded in 1920. It is part of the Platform Biology of the Swiss Academy of Sciences (SCNAT).

Close contacts are maintained with neighbouring disciplines such as palaeontology, human anatomy, zoology, ecology, anthropology, archeology, forensic science, history, social history and history of medicine.

SSA organizes an annual general meeting in Switzerland, which is followed by a scientific discussion.


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