• 09.10.2018
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Report of the SGA/SSA Workshop and Annual Meeting 2018 in Lausanne and Bern

Group picture SGA/SSA 2018
Group picture SGA/SSA 2018
Group picture SGA/SSA 2018

On Saturday, October 6th, this year’s annual meeting of the Swiss Society for Anthropology (SGA) took place at the Unitobler in Bern. On Friday, october 5th, the workshop "Imaging in Anthropology" was organized at the CURML in Lausanne.

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Oct 5
Oct 6
SGA Workshop und Jahrestagung
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Jahresversammlung der SGA und AGHAS und Workshop „Imaging in Anthropology“

Wir freuen uns, Sie zum Workshop am Freitag 05.10.2018 in Lausanne und zu unserer
Jahresversammlung am Samstag 06.10.2018 in Bern einzuladen.