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13th Meeting of the Society for Anthropology (GfA)

Sep 23
Sep 27
Center for Anatomy, Kreuzbergring 36, 37075 Göttingen

Guiding Theme - Weal and Woe: Health and wellbeing from an anthropological perspective

The pursuit of physical and mental well-being is considered as human right and is even legally anchored in some constitutions. But what is well-being, and how can it be achieved?
These questions are the subject of the 13th International Congress of the Society for Anthropology (GfA), which will take place from 23–27th September 2019 at the Center for Anatomy in Göttingen.
Contributions from all areas of anthropology and human biology or medicine, and also other disciplines, to aspects of physical and mental health are welcome.
Health care and medicine in all its forms is a phenomenon that can be observed even in non-human primates and is of great importance in practically all human societies.
The pursuit of individual and community health as a whole is a scientific, economic and ethical challenge. Research fields as diverse as evolutionary biology, historical anthropology, behavioral sciences, medicine, human genetics, nutritional sciences and engineering are all working together to get closer to the big goal – to make us healthier and happier.

The scientific programme is open to all aspects of anthropology and human biology; therefore it includes elements of bioscience, behavioral and cultural science.
The event aims at an interdisciplinary approach; contributions from disciplines such as medicine or psychology are particularly welcome.
The congress languages are equally German and English.

Scientific contributions:
Participants are invited to submit abstracts for oral and poster presentations. These will be reviewed by the scientific committee (Board of the GfA).
The scientific program will be put together based on the accepted contributions.

The abstracts should be submitted online in digital form. Please use the abstract form on the congress website.

Newcomer Award:
The best oral presentation and the best poster of each of the early stage researchers (including PhD level) will be awarded with a price of € 150 each by the GfA.

Registration for the congress will be online exclusively on the congress website.

For questions about the congress please contact:

Organizational matters:

Katharina Stötzel
phone +49 (0)176 – 845 55 753
eMail: stoetzel.katharina@gmail.com

Scientific programme, submissions:

Dr. Martin Trautmann
phone +49 (0)176 – 313 66 253
eMail: trautmann@ifosa.de


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Languages: English, German