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Rigi-Workshop Storyboarding Science: Interdisciplinary Workshop for Scientists and Filmmakers

Nov 13
Nov 16
Seminar-Hotel Rigi am See
Seestrasse 53
6353 Weggis
Rigi-Workshop Storyboarding Science, Film set
Image: Christoph Lüthi, Platform Biology
Rigi-Workshop Storyboarding Science, Film set
Rigi-Workshop Storyboarding Science, Film set (Image: Christoph Lüthi, Platform Biology)

Rigi-Workshop November 2016

Good scientists are specialists who know a lot about a specific subject, but brilliant scientist can transform this knowledge into a story that is exciting and comprehensible to the general public. This workshop brings together life scientists who are interested to learn film as a medium to communicate their research and filmmakers who are looking for fascinating scientific content.

Three experienced and acknowledged teachers offered the life scientists basic skills about conceptual and technical filmmaking (script-writing, storyboarding, filming and editing) and new forms of cinematic communication while through collaboration, the filmmakers learned about current issues and discoveries in science.

Prof. Jill Scott (Zurich University of the Arts)
Prof. Marille Hahne (Zurich University of the Arts)
Dr. Samer Angelone-Alasaad (Global Eco Film Festival)

Teaching support:
Julia Daschner (HFF München)
Daniel Lang (HFF München)

Outcome of the workshop
Please note: The videos below are the result of the group work during the course and are presented here as they were at the end of the workshop. They are shown here purely for documentary reasons. Details on the films are provided in a document in the download section.

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