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Plant Response to Environment across Scales

Dec 11
09:30 - 17:15
ETH Zurich
Auditorium Maximum HG F30
Rämistr 101
Plant Response to Environment across Scales
Image: Zürich-Basel Plant Science Center
Plant Response to Environment across Scales
Plant Response to Environment across Scales (Image: Zürich-Basel Plant Science Center)

Recent developments in genomics, phenomics and enviromics have allowed scientists to extract a wealth of new information. The symposium will highlight new strategies of assessing plant response to stress from gene to field and across ecosystem level.

The world’s ecosystems are subject to rapid changes due to human activities. This poses many challenges, such as global warming and biodiversity loss. For a better understanding of human environmental impact, geological and biological changes need to be described and quantified. These themes will be further developed through presentations, flash talks and a poster award. The presentations are divided into three sessions under the main theme of plant response to the environment:

  • Session 1: Response at genome scale
  • Session 2: Response at cellular or plant scale
  • Session 3: Response at ecosystem scale

Furthermore the poster award is envisioned to reward the three best presenters for preparing a top scientific poster. Due consideration is given to scientific objectivity, contribution to the field, relevance to the conference theme and overall presentation.


Sylvia Martínez
Coordinator Basel
Zurich-Basel Plant Science Center (PSC)
University Basel
Phone: +41 61 207 3503
E-Mail: sylvia.martinez@unibas.ch

Main organiser

University of Basel

Main organiser

Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich

Main organiser

Universität Zürich


Abstract submission
Deadline for poster abstract submission: 15.11.2019

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Registration is free of charge for Zurich-Basel Plant Science Center members, their staff, postdoc fellows, PhD and Master students.

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