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Global Biodiversity Outlook 5
  • 15.09.2020
  • Press release

Nature: Humanity at a Crossroads, UN Warns

Despite encouraging progress in several areas, the natural world is suffering badly and getting worse. Eight transformative changes are, therefore, urgently needed to ensure human wellbeing and save the planet, the UN warns in a major report.
Our Future on Earth
  • 2020
  • Report

Our Future on Earth

Our Future on Earth 2020 aims to tell the story of where we are on our collective journey by connecting the dots between what society is currently experiencing – from fires to food shortages to a rise in populism – with recent developments in the research community.
Mining in Namibia
  • 01.09.2020
  • Steering Committee Sustainability Research
  • News

Priorities for sustainable development research

Under the leadership of SCNAT, the Sustainability Research Initiative is developing priority topics for sustainable development research in Switzerland. At a review meeting in early July, several well-known experts gave the draft research agenda very good marks. They especially appreciated the systemic approach and encouraged the authors to place even more focus on pathways towards transformation.
Vignette, Entomo Helvetica, 13/2020
  • 2020
  • Entomo Helvetica
  • Magazine

Entomo Helvetica Band 13, 2020

Entomologische Zeitschrift der Schweiz
Vignette, Entomo Helvetica, 2019
  • 2019
  • Magazine

Entomo Helvetica Volume 12, 2019

Journal of Swiss Entomologists
Information Biodiversität Schweiz Nr. 148
  • 2020
  • Swiss Biodiversity Forum
  • Newsletter

Informationsdienst Biodiversität Schweiz IBS Nr. 148

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