CH-QUAT Annual Meetings

CH-QUAT Meeting 2017: Posters
Image: Christine Pümpin
CH-QUAT Meeting 2017: Posters
CH-QUAT Meeting 2017: Posters (Image: Christine Pümpin)

CH-QUAT organises annual meetings with the general assembly as well as talks on current topics in research and applied science given by invited speakers.
The aim of the meeting is to bring people together working in the Quaternary and to offer a platform for exchange and discussion.

Students (BSc/MSc/PhD) and young scientists are particularly encouraged to present their ongoing research in all fields of the Quaternary in the poster session.

  • Event series

Mar 28
  • Swiss Society for Quaternary Research
  • Conference
  • Symposium
  • Bern

CH-QUAT Meeting 2020

From Cave Exploration to Science – The Karst Record
Mar 30
  • Swiss Society for Quaternary Research
  • Symposium
  • Basel

CH-QUAT Meeting 2019

Anthropocene: Human impact during the Quaternary
Mar 17
  • Symposium
  • Bern

CH-QUAT Meeting 2018

Natural hazards in the Alps
Apr 1
  • Centre d'hydrogéologie et de géothermie (CHYN)
  • Swiss Society for Quaternary Research
  • Symposium
  • Neuchâtel

CH-QUAT Meeting 2017

Quaternary topics in the Jura Mountains and the Seeland region

Swiss Society for Quaternary Research


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