SCNAT Ethics Lecture Tours

The «Platform Chemistry» organises lecture tours on the wide-ranging topic of ethics in chemistry. Internationally renowned speakers are invited to give a series of lectures at Swiss universities and federal institutes of technology.
The chosen format is a short lecture with a long discussion to encourage active participation of the audience. The lectures are open to all educational levels of chemists, from students to senior professors.

SCNAT Ethics Lecture Tour 2016:

Portrait Prof. Dr. Jeffrey Kovac
Portrait Prof. Dr. Jeffrey Kovac
Portrait Prof. Dr. Jeffrey Kovac

Prof. Dr. Jeffrey Kovac
Department of Chemistry and
College Scholars Program
University of Tennessee
Knoxville, TN 37996-1600, USA

What is an Ethical Chemist?

short biography

Almost all decisions made by chemists, and all other scientists, in their professional lives have an ethical dimension. In both the practice of chemistry and the education of students it is essential that chemists understand the moral complexity of real-world situations, apply the relevant moral standards, and have the moral courage to make difficult choices, or the foundation of trust essential to the scientific enterprise will erode. In this presentation I will develop the fundamental concepts of scientific ethics and show how they apply to both the practice of chemistry and the relationship between chemistry and society. I will consider both day-to-day ethical problems such as authorship and the treatment of data and larger questions such as the choice of research problems and the social responsibility of scientists.

Video of the lecture, recorded at and by ETHZ:

What is an Ethical Chemist? SCNAT Ethics Lecture Tour 2016 by J. Kovac. (creative commons: BY-NC-ND, Publisher: ETHZ.)




Local Host
27.10. 16:00 Uni Zürich Y03 G 91 Karl Gademann
28.10. 14:15 Uni Genève Lecture theatre P.F. Tingry,
A150, Sciences II
Thomas Bürgi
31.10. 16:00 EPFL BCH 2103 Vassily Hatzimanikatis
2.11. 14:00 ETHZ HCI G7 (Hönggerberg) Christophe Copéret
3.11. 17:15 Uni Fribourg Grand Auditoire Fabio Zobi
4.11. 10:45 Uni Basel kl. Hörsaal OC Oliver Wenger

The «Platform Chemistry» would like to thank the local hosts for their support and commitment.