EPPCN meeting 1 Nov 2019 (CHIPP) visit to LHC tunnel
Image: CHIPP, Switzerland
EPPCN meeting 1 Nov 2019 (CHIPP) visit to LHC tunnel
EPPCN meeting 1 Nov 2019 (CHIPP) visit to LHC tunnel (Image: CHIPP, Switzerland)


26th EPPCN Meeting at CERN (31 Oct - 1 Nov 2019) - CERN Indico

25th EPPCN Meeting at the Palacio de Congresos in Granada (13-14 May 2019) - CERN Indico

24th EPPCN Meeting at the National Technical Univeristies of Athens, Greece (29-30 Nov 2018) - CERN Indico

23rd EPPCN Meeting (23-24 Apr 2018) CERN, CERN Indico

22th EPPCN Meeting (20-21 Nov 2017) Budapest, Hungary - CERN Indico

21th EPPCN Meeting (04-5 May 2017) - CERN Indico

Contact person:

Dr. Angela Benelli

c/o CERN

Building 506-R012. Route de Meyrin, 385

1217 Meyrin, Switzerland


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Physicist Dr. Marina Battaglia is a senior researcher at the FHNW Institute for Data Science and works on the STIX project.
  • 19.03.2020
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University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland researches astroparticles of the Sun

Scientists at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW) have spent around ten years building the Spectrometer / Telescope for Imaging X-rays (STIX). Since 10 February, the research instrument is travelling to the Sun. It will provide accurate measurements of the solar atmosphere and the solar wind and will also cover the polar regions of the Sun that cannot be observed from Earth.
Hiking from one particle physics experiment to another: Dr. François Drielsma.
  • 04.03.2020
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California-based neutrino researcher François Drielsma

With its European particle physics laboratory CERN, Geneva attracts many researchers to Switzerland. This was also the case with François Drielsma (28). In a doctoral thesis supervised by Prof. Alain Blondel (University of Geneva), the Belgian-born scientist investigated a completely new way to build a particle accelerator.
Prof. Rainer Wallnt (ETHZ)
  • 31.01.2020
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Rainer Wallny on the CERN Future Circular Collider (FCC) project

Particle physicists from all over Europe are currently discussing the future of European particle physics, when the current ring accelerator LHC will be decommissioned around 2035. Next May, the decision could be taken launch technical and financial feasibility studies for the construction of a new, even more powerful particle accelerator.