EPPCN meeting 1 Nov 2019 (CHIPP) visit to LHC tunnel
Image: CHIPP, Switzerland
EPPCN meeting 1 Nov 2019 (CHIPP) visit to LHC tunnel
EPPCN meeting 1 Nov 2019 (CHIPP) visit to LHC tunnel (Image: CHIPP, Switzerland)


26th EPPCN Meeting at CERN (31 Oct - 1 Nov 2019) - CERN Indico

25th EPPCN Meeting at the Palacio de Congresos in Granada (13-14 May 2019) - CERN Indico

24th EPPCN Meeting at the National Technical Univeristies of Athens, Greece (29-30 Nov 2018) - CERN Indico

23rd EPPCN Meeting (23-24 Apr 2018) CERN, CERN Indico

22th EPPCN Meeting (20-21 Nov 2017) Budapest, Hungary - CERN Indico

21th EPPCN Meeting (04-5 May 2017) - CERN Indico

Contact person:

Dr. Angela Benelli

c/o CERN

Building 506-R012. Route de Meyrin, 385

1217 Meyrin, Switzerland


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  • 17.09.2020
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Geneva school wins “Beamline for Schools” 2020 competition

The delta+ is a type of baryon, the family of sub-atomic particles to which the more well-known proton and neutron belong. A team of physics enthusiasts at the International School of Geneva is working intensively on these extremely unstable elementary particles. In September they will travel to Hamburg for an experiment at the renowned particle physics research institute DESY. They owe this extraordinary research trip to winning this year's “Beamline for Schools” (BL4S) competition at CERN.
  • 08.07.2020
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Zurich particle physicists make headlines with XENON collaboration

Axions are elementary particles with extremely low mass. So far they exist only in the brains of theoretical physicists, nobody has observed them. Really? Measurement results at detector XENON1T in Italy make one sit up and take notice.
LHCP2020 conference
  • 29.05.2020
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CERN collaborations present new results on charmed particles at online conference

The ALICE, CMS and LHCb collaborations present new measurements that show how particles containing charm quarks can serve as “messengers” of hadrons and the quark–gluon plasma, carrying information about these forms of matter.
This media update is part of a series related to the 2020 Large Hadron Collider Physics (LHCP2020) conference, taking place 25–30 May 2020.