EPPCN meeting 1 Nov 2019 (CHIPP) visit to LHC tunnel
Image: CHIPP, Switzerland
EPPCN meeting 1 Nov 2019 (CHIPP) visit to LHC tunnel
EPPCN meeting 1 Nov 2019 (CHIPP) visit to LHC tunnel (Image: CHIPP, Switzerland)


26th EPPCN Meeting at CERN (31 Oct - 1 Nov 2019) - CERN Indico

25th EPPCN Meeting at the Palacio de Congresos in Granada (13-14 May 2019) - CERN Indico

24th EPPCN Meeting at the National Technical Univeristies of Athens, Greece (29-30 Nov 2018) - CERN Indico

23rd EPPCN Meeting (23-24 Apr 2018) CERN, CERN Indico

22th EPPCN Meeting (20-21 Nov 2017) Budapest, Hungary - CERN Indico

21th EPPCN Meeting (04-5 May 2017) - CERN Indico

Contact person:

Dr. Angela Benelli

c/o CERN

Building 506-R012. Route de Meyrin, 385

1217 Meyrin, Switzerland


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Physikzentrum Bad Honnef, venue for the drafting session of the European strategy for particle physics.
  • 20.01.2020
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Particle physicists formulate future of the field

This week’s drafting session marks final discussions for the update of the European strategy for particle physics
Thomas Daloz plays in 'Les Particules' the high school studentz P.A. Photo: Cineworx
  • 06.01.2020
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About the movie "Les Particules" by Blaise Harrison.

Elementary particle physics and the large-scale CERN research facility have repeatedly inspired artists to engage with modern scientific research. The latest example is the movie 'Les Particules' by French-Swiss filmmaker Blaise Harrison (39). In this art piece scientific research serves as an escape and dream world for an adolescent.
In addition to teaching and research, the 33-year-old scientist knows how to make complex issues comprehensible to a broad audience in a simple language - for example, at continuing education events for teachers or at the EPFL Open Day. Photo: B. Vogel
  • 13.12.2019
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Lesya Shchutska wants to prove the existence of heavy neutrinos

Lesya Shchutska (pronounced: Schutska) is 33 years old and already Professor of Elementary Particle Physics at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne (EPFL). "At the moment I can't imagine doing anything other than physics," says the researcher, who deals with particles that so far only exist in the minds of theoretical physicists.