Monitoring networks of the cryosphere

The integral Swiss crypospheric-observation-network especially focuses on the following sections:

The commission is responsible for the documentation and the scientific processing of the collected data which has been ascertained by the monitoring networks. Furthermore it informs the public about its observations. Alongside with providing reliable data for science it also supplies processed data for politics, the economy and the public. The ascertained data is of great significance in order to ensure an early diagnosis of possible changes in the alpine regions.

By collaborating with scientific institutions and Federal Offices the Commission ensures a long-term backup of the measuring program and the coordination of operations. In order to do so it is within the Commission’s competence to draft adequate agreements and contracts with repository institutions.

The Commission maintains the connections to international monitoring programs and networks in the field of snow, glaciers and permafrost.

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Schnee, Gletscher, Permafrost

In der Schweiz gibt es viele einzigartige Messreihen zur Veränderung von Schnee, Gletschern und Permafrost. Die Expertenkommission für Kryosphärenmessnetze (EKK) betreut diese Messungen und hat die Aufgabe die Veränderungen der alpinen Kryosphäre langfristig zu dokumentieren. Dieses Portal zeigt und erklärt ausgewählte langjährige Messreihen zu Schnee, Gletschern und Permafrost.