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Biosecurity in the everyday laboratory work : why do I need to be concerned?

Nov 30
Universität Bern
Specimen bag for biological sample.
Image: A. Chiang (flickr)
Specimen bag for biological sample.
Specimen bag for biological sample. (Image: A. Chiang (flickr))

In collaboration with experts of the Federal Office for civil Protection, the Curriculum Biosafety offers for the first time an advanced training course in Biosecurity.

Biosecurity concerns us all: How can I recognize a potential for misuse in my laboratory? Do I conduct Dual Use Reserach of Concern (DURC)? After discussing historical events, legal regulations as well as international provisions, the course will focus on concrete exemples from the participants' experiences.

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Titelblatt Broschüre Missbrauchspotenzial und Biosecurity in der biologischen Forschung
  • 2017
  • Swiss Academy of Sciences
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Misuse potential and biosecurity in life sciences research

Research in the life sciences produces knowledge and technologies to the benefit of humanity and the environment. However, certain discoveries can become dangerous when misused out of ill intent.


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