Synthetic Biology

Since 2005, the Forum for Genetic Research has regularly addressed the topic of synthetic biology. Which chances and risks are linked to this emerging research field? Which ethical and societal questions should be considered? Are there new legal guidelines that are required? To address these questions, the Forum engages in a dialogue with science and politicians, authorities and the interested public.

Gene Drives - Wundermittel? Biowaffe? Hype?

Current productions

The Forum for Genetic Research runs a thematic portal on synthetic biology. A list of our publications and activities on this topic can be found below.

Tagungsbericht (2018) Gene Drives - eine Technik für die Manipulation wilder Populationen
  • 2018

Tagungsbericht "Gene Drive - eine Technik für die Manipulation wilder Populationen"

Zusammenfassung einer Tagung der Foren Genforschung und Biodiversität vom 18. September 2017 in Ittigen b. Bern
The crystal structure of Streptococcus pyogenes Cas9 in complex with sgRNA and its target DNA at 2.5 A˚ resolution. Nishimasu et al. (2014) Cell 156 (doi: 10.1016/j.cell.2014.02.001)
  • 18.09.2017

Gene Drive – eine Technik für die Manipulation wilder Populationen

Öffentliches interdisziplinäres Symposium über Möglichkeiten und Grenzen, Chancen und Risiken der Gene Drive Technologie.
Kurzzusammenfassung: Synthetische Biologie - Von der Gentechnologie zur Synthetischen Biologie – neue Chancen, neue Risiken?
  • 2010

Synthetische Biologie

Zusammenfassung und Schlussfolgerungen einer gemeinsamen Tagung der Akademie der Naturwissenschaften Schweiz und der Schweizerischen Akademie der Technischen Wissenschaften vom
2. November 2010 in Bern

In progress

All projects on synthetic biology are currently completed.

Completed work

An overview of earlier publications and activities on the topic of synthetic biology. Further information is also available on our thematic portal on synthetic biology.


Further information

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External publications

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