• 2009
  • Scientific paper

Global Statistics of ‘‘Mountain’’ and ‘‘Alpine’’ Research

Image for Koerner 2009 publication
Image for Koerner 2009 publication
Image for Koerner 2009 publication

Using the Web of Science, a bibliometric analysis of the worldwide research activities associated with mountains — or the alpine part of mountains — is presented, according to country, institution, and subject. Half of the human population depends on mountains in one way or another, and mountains cover (depending on the definition) between 12 and 26% of the ice-free terrestrial area. About 20% of the human population lives in mountains or their immediate forelands. One third of all protected areas are in mountains, and they supply water to nearly one half of the world population (Körner and Ohsawa 2005). Which are the countries that are contributing most to scientific research in mountains? Which are the leading institutions? How much are various fields of science contributing to the international scientific mountain literature?

Authors: Prof. Christian Körner
Standard identifier: http://dx.doi.org/10.1659/mrd.1108