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Alpine Water – common good or source of conflicts?
  • 2019

Alpine Water – common good or source of conflicts?

Changing environmental and climatic conditions as well as growing demand is likely to lead to conflicts in water use and water management in the Alps. This Forum Alpinum will identify hot spots of water use and management in the Alps, will analyse target conflicts, assess their relevance in a regional, national or international context, and discuss possible solutions.
Report AlpWeek 2016
  • 2017

Report AlpWeek 2016

This report summarises the most important elements regarding the three topics of demography, culture and quality of life that were covered in the lectures and sessions. In conclusion there is a review of the results of AlpWeek 2016 and proposals for the future direction of the event.
Strategic Research Agenda "Mountains for Europe's Future": Mountains for Europe‘s Future
  • 2016

Mountains for Europe‘s Future

Mountains are important for Europe. The Strategic Research Agenda "Mountains for Europe's Future" explains their significance for energy and food production, climate action and transport. It makes the case for including more mountain research topics in the major European research funding programmes such as Horizon 2020.
  • 2016

Critical Perspectives on the Notion of Resource. Revisiting the ForumAlpinum

Journal of alpine research, 104-3 | 2016. A special edition on ForumAlpinum 2014.
Proceedings ForumAlpinum2014
  • 2015

ForumAlpinum 2014 «Alpine resources»

Alpine resources will play a crucial role in the development of the Alpine region. They generate genuine ownership as well as technological, social and cultural innovation, and economic valuation. Due to the natural, social, cultural and economic aspects of Alpine resources, they are key to sustainable development in the region.