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Dialogue Days 2019 "Global Health Challenges: What’s Next?"

Sep 9
Sep 11
University of Zürich
Dialogue Days 2019
Dialogue Days 2019
Dialogue Days 2019

The goal of the event is to discuss and anticipate future Global Health Challenges and think preventatively for solutions with an interdisciplinary approach. The Dialogue Days will reach this goal through the exploration of four thematic areas presenting future global health challenges.

1. Non-Communicable Diseases:
The rising threat of NCD`s in the Global South.

2. Communicable Diseases: In both animals and humans and how they affect each other.

3. Climate Change: In particular, how climate impacts geographic disease prevalence.

4. Migration: As a capstone event, experts will discuss at how human and animal migration is both impacted by and impacts all of the themes above.

This event is open to the public. Entrance is free and lunch is provided but prior registration is required.

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Languages: English