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Africa’s Place in the New World Order (POSTPONED)

Mar 26
Mar 27
Rheinsprung 21
Africa and the new World Order
Africa and the new World Order
Africa and the new World Order

Continuing education course (26/27 March 2020)

This course addresses Africa’s changing place in the world from a political and from a peace and security perspective. It highlights new academic approaches in the study of the continent’s global entanglements as well as African debates on emerging peace and security issues, including unconstitutional changes of government and transitional justice.

Participants are exposed to a variety of issue areas on Africa’s changing role in global politics and academic ways to address these. They will learn how to read current debates on Africa’s place in the new world order in-the-making and develop an understanding of how African actors are trying to make their voices heard in these processes, and what kind of strategies are employed to this end.

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