• 04.02.2019
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African Scientists are Sidelined by Parachute Research Teams

Foto: J. Pelikan, SwissTPH Basel
Image: J. Pelikan, SwissTPH Basel
Foto: J. Pelikan, SwissTPH Basel
Foto: J. Pelikan, SwissTPH Basel (Image: J. Pelikan, SwissTPH Basel)

There’s growing condemnation of “parachute research” among the global scientific community.

This refers to the practice of scientists and research groups from the global north conducting research and collecting data in poorer parts of the world, publishing their findings in prestigious journals – and giving little or no credit to their local collaborators.

The respected journal Lancet Global Health recently published an editorial damning the approach. It drew immediate reactions from all over the world. James Smith from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine acknowledged the problem. But, he cautioned, researchers from developed countries have a role in shaping health discussions through high impact publications.

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