Activities & Goals

The Platform MAP pursues the following activities and goals for its disciplines of mathematics, astronomy and physics.

Exchanges and networking

  • We maintain links to research-promoting institutions, in particular the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) and InnoSuisse.
  • We create bridges between the institutions of the Swiss University of Applied Sciences and the private-sector enterprises, which themselves carry out research and teaching or which apply research results.
  • We maintain contacts with international networks and support international programs.

Coordination and expertise

  • We are in dialogue with politics, the competent authorities and society, where we offer scientific expertise.
  • We organise Round Table meetings to enable the dialogue between representatives of the funding agencies (SERI, SNSF) and of the scientifc community participating in large international organisations and infrastructures.

Promotion of young talents

  • We support the promotion of young talents, in particular in elementary and secondary schools. In doing so, we work closely with the Platform Sciences and Regions as well as with other platforms.

Preservation of the scientific cultural heritage

  • We are committed to the preservation of Swiss cultural assets, which are linked to the MAP disciplines. For example, the Euler Commission was founded with the aim of publishing all the writings of the famous Swiss mathematician Leonhard Euler and making his work known.