Plenary meetings

The MAP Plenum consists of representatives of all member societies and working groups (commissions and national committees). It meets twice a year. Each session is accompanied by a presentation on new research facilities or main developments in the fields of mathematics, physics and astronomy.

Next meeting: 13 November 2019

Presentations of the last years

  • September 2015: High Performance Computing at CSCS
    Prof. Thomas Schulthess, ETHZ & CSCS

  • September 2011: Codage et cryptographie: de la théorie aux applications
    Prof. Elisa Gorla, University of Basel

  • April 2011: The NCCR «Quantum Science and Technology» (QSIT)
    Prof. Klaus Ensslin, ETHZ

  • September 2010: Les grand projets en astronomie suisse en cours et en préparation
    Prof. Georges Meylan, EPFL

  • April 2010: PSI: Swiss FEL (Free Electron Laser)
    Profs. Joël Mesot, Bruce Patterson, Raffael Abela, PSI