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ProClim Team 2019
ProClim Team 2019 (Image: Roland Vögtli)
ProClim Team 2019
ProClim Team 2019 (Image: Roland Vögtli)

ProClim is a forum for climate and global change, which seeks to facilitate both integrated research activities and the necessary linkages among scientists, policy-makers, economy and the public. ProClim is concerned with the full palette of global change issues: the physical climate system, biogeochemical processes and the human dimensions of global change. The main tasks of ProClim are:

  • To enhance knowledge exchange and networking within the scientific community
  • To further integration of the Swiss research in international programmes
  • To promote the dialogue with decision-makers in politics and business
  • Information of the public, the media and the economy
  • Consultation of politics and administration

The thematic range of ProClim covers the world research programmes WCRP, IGBP, IHDP, ESSP and the topics adressed within the IPCC reports. Further informations can be found at Activities.

ProClim, initiated in 1988, is part of the Platform Science and Policy (SAP) of the Swiss Academies of Sciences (SCNAT). Strategically ProClim is led by a steering commitee. The team of the office is responsible for the practical implementation.

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ProClim is the Forum for Climate and Global Change. It serves as an interface for communication between science, public administration, politics, economy and the public.