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Konferenz zur Klimakommunikation

Wie kommt man über Klimawandel und Klimaschutz ins Gespräch? Wie gelingt Klimakommunikation? Eine Konferenz in Salzburg bringt hierzu erstmals die Klimacommunity aus Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz zusammen

Bisherige ProClim-Veranstaltungen

18th Swiss Global Change Day Programm image
  • 11.04.2017

18th Swiss Global Change Day

The Swiss Global Change Day is an event where the global change and Future Earth community can meet and discuss ongoing problems in a transdisciplinary manner. The aim is to present recent highlights in global environmental change research as well as to point out challenges for future research. Besides, there is an opportunity for people from governmental institutions and the private sector to ask questions and explain their needs and views on the topics presented.
Titelseite Programm Brennpunkt
  • 07.11.2016

Veröffentlichung des ProClim-Berichtes «Brennpunkt Klima Schweiz»

Brennpunkt Klima Schweiz – Grundlagen, Folgen und Perspektiven
Teaser: Adapting to Climate Change in Practice: where are we today, what do we need for tomorrow?
  • 07.06.2016

Adapting to Climate Change in Practice: where are we today, what do we need for tomorrow?

Most Central European countries have developed their own adaptation strategies over the past few years, and now the question of implementation of these strategies is important. How can regions, cities and municipalities reduce their climate-related risks and exploit any resulting opportunities? How can researchers, government departments and industry professionals work together successfully on the adaptation process? What underlying conditions will be required?

The aim of this international conference was to deliver the answers to these questions. The emphasis was on concrete examples and experience gathered from the practical implementation of adaptation measures in Central Europe. Projects and measures were presented and discussed in eight sessions focusing on different challenges. The framework was provided by several overarching topics, namely: strategies, governance approaches, forms of cooperation and knowledge transfer.