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“A network of knowledge for the benefit of the society”: the Swiss Academy of Sciences (SCNAT) is committed to the future of science and to the society at regional, national and international level.

Christophe Rossel / Silvio Decurtins
  • 19.05.2017

Silvio Decurtins und Christophe Rossel neu im Vorstand SCNAT

Der Chemiker Silvio Decurtins von der Universität Bern und der Physiker Christophe Rossel vom IBM Forschungslabor Zürich wurden am Freitag in Bern von den Delegierten der Akademie der Naturwissenschaften (SCNAT) in den Vorstand gewählt. Sie treten ihr Mandat am 1. Januar 2018 an. Zudem wurde die Bernoulli-Euler-Gesellschaft neu als Mitglied der Akademie aufgenommen.
Horizons : science ex machina
  • 2017

Horizons: Science ex machina

Horizons takes a look at the automation of research: using robots to speed up laboratory work, artificial intelligence to process floods of data and algorithms to analyse the scientific literature. Does it work? And is it a good idea?
Rücktritt Kurt Seiler
  • 23.06.2017

Rücktritt Kurt Seiler

Nach 15 Jahren tritt Kantonschemiker Kurt Seiler als Präsident der Naturforschenden Gesellschaft Schaffhausen zurück. Er übergibt seinen Nachfolgern, Dominique Hänggi und Iwan Stössel, einer starken Verein.

The Academy,

  • a reliable partner with a broad expertise and a large network
  • a successful facilitator between sciences, politics and society
  • organised in six competent platforms

Our platforms

bird flowers

Platform Biology

The Platform for Biology of the Swiss Academy of Sciences unites researchers from eighteen scientific associations and five national committees in the field of biology. It promotes the transfer of knowledge and the formation of networking opportunities for the different specialist fields. Through the provision of expertise the platform generates and maintains a dialogue to the benefit of society and politics.
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Platform Chemistry

The “Platform Chemistry” unites and mediates knowledge in the fields of chemistry, chemical engineering and food technology. As one of the six platforms of the Swiss Academy of Natural Sciences (SCNAT), it builds the grounds for knowledge transfer within these disciplines.
Atmosphäre der Erde

Platform Geosciences

The Platform Geosciences unifies all the societies and commissions of the Academy that are active in the field of geoscience. It acts as an interface between the various academic disciplines of geosciences as well as between research, practice, administration, politics and the public.
The pixel detector is pushed into the belly of the CMS experiment. In the middle with a flashlight: Prof. Roland Horisberger, the 'father of the pixel detector'. Photo: M. Brice / CERN

Platform Mathematics, Astronomy and Physics

The “Platform Mathematics, Astronomy and Physics” (Platform MAP) of the Swiss Academy of Science (SCNAT) incorporates scientific societies and workgroups dedicated to the areas of mathematics, astronomy and physics. The platform’s main functions are the support of the organisations’ activities as wells as the coordination and promotion of research and education in the field of MAP.
Wildtierbeobachtung vom Aussichtspunkt Margunet im Nationalpark

Platform Science and Policy

The «Platform Science and Policy» (Platform SAP) of the Swiss Academy of Sciences (SCNAT) is focused on issues on socially relevant topics from a scientific, interdisciplinary perspective. By providing scientific knowledge to the discourse of politics, administration, economy and society, it supports the development of solutions to social issues.
Forschung live: Tournee "Einsichten in die Naturwissenschaften" (Foto: SCNAT/Andrea Yannick)

Plattform natural sciences and regions

An important link between the sciences and the societies are the regionally tied scientific societies. The Platform Sciences and Regions (NWR) of the Swiss Academy of Sciences (SCNAT) supports, promotes and coordinates the work of these regional societies.


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