SCNAT awards prizes for the promotion of early career scientists and for the successful communication of scientific content.

Awards by SCNAT

Prix Schläfli 2018

Prix Schläfli

Award for the best doctoral students from Swiss universities. It promotes young talent and scientific excellence.
Chemical Landmark 2018

Chemical Landmarks

Damit zeichnet die SCNAT Stätten in der Schweiz aus, die in der Geschichte der Chemie eine wichtige Rolle gespielt haben.
ACP Award 2017

ACP Award

The award is granted by the Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics Commission to young scientists for outstanding PhD theses.
Polar research
Image: pxhere
Polar research
Polar research (Image: pxhere)

Prix de Quervain

Prix de Quervain for Polar and High Altitude Research is attributed to young scientists for outstanding achievements in their Master or PhD thesis or other research projects. The Prix de Quervain is announced annually, and funded by the Swiss Committee on Polar and High Altitude Research (SKPH), the Commission for the for Research Station on Jungfraujoch (SKJF) and the Swiss Foundation for Alpine Research. Prix de Quervain

Ausschreibung - Mise au concours Prix Expo 2015

Prix Expo

The award for exhibitions that showcase the fascination of natural sciences and nature in a professionally competent manner based on experience.
Prix Média 2016

Prix Média

The award honours media professionals who critically examine scientific topics and present them to a broad audience.

Awards by member organisations

SGV Awardee 2018 V. Baumans

SGV Awards

The Swiss Laboratory Animal Science Association awards contributions to the 3Rs and animal welfare in the field of laboratory animal science.
Maybug taking off

Membership ∙ Awards ∙ Grants

The Swiss Entomological Society recognizes outstanding publications with the Prix Moulines award.
Multiphoton fluorescence image of HeLa cells stained with the actin binding toxin phalloidin (red), microtubules (cyan) and cell nuclei (blue)


The Society of Pharmacology and Toxicology honors excellent PhD theses young investigators for best oral and best poster presentations.
Claudia Merlassino and ATLAS


The Swiss Institute of Particle Physics rewards annually the best PhD student in Experimental or Theoretical Particle Physics.
SSEP poster prize at LS2 meeting 2020


The Swiss Society of Experimental Pharmacology awards young scientists to promote their academic careers.

Best Master Prize

The Swiss Systematic Society wants to encourage brilliant young scientists in their early career and awards a prize for the best Master thesis.