Financial support

SCNAT and its network support young researchers in their academic careers. Various scholarships enable the early career scientists to carry out research projects or participate in international conferences.

Financial support by SCNAT


Support for member organisations

SCNAT provides financial support for projects of Cantonal and Regional societies and specialist societies.
Joachim de Giacomi

Giacomi foundation

The foundation supports research projects in Switzerland and publications by SCNAT members and scientific bodies.
laboratory chemistry

Chemistry Travel Award

The Platform Chemistry provides financial support for excellent doctoral students to participate in international conferences.

Financial support by member organisations

Die Versuchstiere werden in einem Tierstall gehalten

SGV Travel Grant

The travel grant of Swiss Laboratory Animal Science Association supports its members for continuing education.
Maybug taking off

Membership ∙ Awards ∙ Grants

The Swiss Entomological Society awards prizes for outstanding publications and supports members in excursions and travel.
Determine bryophytes

Travel Fee

The Swiss Association for Bryology and Lichenology (Bryolich) contributes to the travel costs of doctoral students.
CH-QUAT Support Young Researchers

Support for Young Researchers

The Swiss Society for Quaternary Research supports students and young researchers in fieldwork and travel.
flacon à réaction

Travel grants

The Swiss Society of Toxicology awards travel grants to young researchers for the active participation at an international conference.
Multiphoton fluorescence image of HeLa cells stained with the actin binding toxin phalloidin (red), microtubules (cyan) and cell nuclei (blue)

Scientific Activities

The Swiss Society of Pharmacology and Toxicology supports young scientists and post-graduates with travel grants.
Systematik Linné

Grants & PhD offers in systematics

The Swiss Systematic Society offers a travel grant for MS or PhD students for talk or poster contributions on international meetings.

Best Master Prize

The Swiss Systematic Society wants to encourage brilliant young scientists in their early career and awards a prize for the best Master thesis.

Phenology Contest

The Commission for Phenology and Seasonality promotes young researchers and media and art professionals.
GPS-Messungen zur Bestimmung der Blockgletschergeschwindigkeiten an der Arrête de l'Arpille (Sanetsch, VS)

Promotion of Young Geomorphologists

Young geomorphologists (Master and PhD level) can apply for financial assistance for participation in conferences, workshops, etc.

Support to phD students

The Swiss Society for Anthropology supports doctoral students in their participation in national or international congresses.

Fund for young scientists

The Swiss Society of Agronomy supports young researchers in their participation in international conferences.