International Cooperation

SCNAT is integrated into the major science networks and programmes worldwide. In science policy forums, SCNAT works to create the ideal environment for Swiss research, thus contributing to strengthening the country as a center of research.

Engagements of SCNAT


Optimal conditions for Swiss science

SCNAT represents Switzerland in important science policy forums worldwide, such as the International Science Council (ISC).
Schweiz – EU

Scientific policy advice in Europe

SCNAT supports the European academies in providing scientific advice to EU policy-making bodies.
Health PS (Joachim Pelikan SwissTPH - KFPE)

Commission for Research Partnerships with Developing Countries

The information hub promotes effective and equitable research cooperation with low and middle income countries.
During the summer of 2019, 8 metres of ice melted at the snout of the Findelen glacier – an amount strikingly illustrated by a pole used for mass-balance measurements.

IPCC Switzerland

The platform provides important information from the IPCC across the country and coordinates contributions by Swiss researchers.
IPBES Schweiz

IPBES Switzerland

The Swiss platform of the World Biodiversity Council highlights the state of biodiversity and coordinates national contributions.
Wind energy

Future Earth Switzerland

SCNAT is the hub for Swiss participation in the Future Earth research programme on global environmental changes.