Young scientists

SCNAT supports young scientists in their academic career. It sensitises them to the concerns of a good scientific culture and motivates them to adopt inter- and transdisciplinary research approaches to address complex societal issues. Scholarships enable research projects and awards attract the attention of young academics.

Engagements of SCNAT

Prix Schläfli 2018

Prix Schläfli

Award for the best doctoral students from Swiss universities. It promotes young talent and scientific excellence.
Young scientists

Young Faculty Meeting

The event promotes scientific exchange and networking among young group leaders in chemistry.
laboratory chemistry

Chemistry Travel Award

The Platform Chemistry provides financial support for excellent doctoral students to participate in international conferences.
Polar research
Image: pxhere
Polar research
Polar research (Image: pxhere)

Prix de Quervain

The prize for Polar and High Altitude Research is awarded to young scientists for outstanding achievements in their master or doctoral thesis or other research projects. The prize is awarded by the Swiss Committee on Polar and High Altitude Research (SKPH), the Commission for the Jungfraujoch Research Station (SKJF) and the Swiss Foundation for Alpine Research. Prix de Quervain

Rigi-Workshop Storyboarding Science, Dr. Samer Angelone-Alasaad (Global Ecofilm Festival)

Rigi Workshop

The 3-day workshop about an actual topic promotes interdisciplinary exchange between PhD students and postdocs from Switzerland.
Prix Expo 2018


SCNAT honours the successful communication of scientific content and the achievements of early career researchers.
Young researcher in the lab

Financial support

Scholarships enable early career scientists to carry out research projects or take part in conferences.

Engagements of the member organisations

Determine bryophytes

Travel Fee

The Swiss Association for Bryology and Lichenology (Bryolich) contributes to the travel costs of doctoral students.
CH-QUAT Support Young Researchers

Support for Young Researchers

The Swiss Society for Quaternary Research supports students and young researchers in fieldwork and travel.
flacon à réaction

Travel grants

The Swiss Society of Toxicology awards travel grants to young researchers for the active participation at an international conference.