The research magazine reports to a wide audience on the latest findings and development of science in Switzerland.

The research magazine Horizons offers an overview of research activities in Switzerland. Horizons is published jointly by the SNSF and the Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences. Four times a year it reports on the latest developments in all scientific disciplines: from biology, medicine and social and cultural sciences through to mathematics and the natural sciences.

Learn more about the fascinating and inspiring world of science: what are the drivers of progress in medical research? What sources of energy can we use? Which issues will preoccupy future generations?

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  • Publication series

Horizonte Nr. 125
  • 2020

Getting creative against climate change

Extraordinary circumstances demand extraordinary measures. This is also true of global warming – a catastrophe that has been long predicted, which is why it’s our focus in this issue.
Horizonte Nr. 124
  • 2020

Belief in science

Facts and comprehensible arguments belong to the core of science. However, the conviction that things are achievable that cannot yet be proven is also formative. How unexplained things influence the world of knowledge.
Horizonte Nr. 123
  • 2019

Beware of poison! How we deal with the chemicals in the world

It’s the dose that makes the poison, said Paracelsus. But with toxic substances, we might never know where the boundary lies between what’s harmless and what’s dangerous.
Horizonte Nr. 122
  • 2019

Taking a fresh look at school

Science has already clearly shown what is important in learning. However, teachers are often reluctant to take tuition.
Horizonte Nr. 121
  • 2019

Researchers in crisis zones

Who wants to understand conflicts needs to advance to their roots. How researchers deal with danger.
Horizonte Nr. 120
  • 2019

Rationalising emotion

They trigger investments. They make you ill. They are morally valued. Emotions are everywhere, research wants to nail them down. Will that succeed?

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