Swiss Laboratory Animal Science Association (SGV)

The Swiss Laboratory Animal Science Association (SGV) is actively dedicated to the promotion of laboratory animal science, as well as the furthering of animal protection and ethical considerations in animal experiments. These aims shall be attained by organising education and the flow of information within the scientific community.

Since 1987 we serve as an intermediary between animal welfare and research for the benefit of humans and animals. We are a key partner for the authorities, scientists and the public. Our dedication is to promote the 3Rs (REPLACE, REDUCE, REFINE) and the animal welfare and ethical considerations in animal experimentation.

We offer:

  • Every year we organize a two-day scientific meeting, as well as a symposium at the annual meeting of the Life Sciences Switzerland (LS2).
  • Our association initiates and supports different networks and working groups promoting the aims of the SGV.
  • Each year our society awards a prize to an outstanding contribution to the 3Rs and animal welfare in the field of laboratory animal science.
  • Financial support may be granted to young researchers attending training courses or meetings and persons who will actively promote and implement the 3Rs.
  • The SGV financially supports projects related to the goals of the SGV with the “SGV 25 years fund".
C. elegans

SGV 25th Fund

The Worm-On-Chip platform: a whole-organism screening technologies for next-generation drug discovery:

Laurent Mouchiroud, Laboratory of Integrative and Systems Physiology, EPFL, Lausanne, Suisse
Mäuse auf dem Weg zum Tierversuch

Animal experimentation

Animal experimentation: are we allowed to do that? In this thematic portal, researchers of the Swiss Laboratory Animal Science Association give answers to frequently asked questions.


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SGV Meeting 2018

November 20th and 21st

CHUV, Lausanne

Laboratory Animals Limited

Our official journal "Laboratory Animals, the international journal of laboratory animal science and welfare"


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