SSEP Poster Prize at LS2 meeting 2019 to Chiara Borsari

At the LS2 meeting that took place on February 14-15, 2019 in Zurich, Dr. Chiara Borsari (laboratory of Prof. Matthias P. Wymann, Dept. Biomedicine, University of Basel) received a Prize for the best poster, given by the Swiss Society of Experimental Pharmacology (SSEP) for her poster entitled “Precision Drugs: Strategy to Minimize Side Effects of PI3K Inhibitor Cancer Therapy". Congratulations!

Bürgi Prize; this prize honors a young scientist for an excellent PhD thesis work with pharmacological content. The prize is donated by the Institute of Pharmacology, University of Bern. For further information, please contact Prof. Simon.

Bürgi Prize 2018 winner: Dr. Mario Acuña , University of Zurich, for his dissertation "Positive Allosteric Modulation of Inhibitory Neurotransmitter Receptors - Novel Mechanisms and Targets to Restore Spinal Inhibition in Persistent Pain".

NIBR Prize; this prize honors young scientists for outstanding poster contributions in the field of pharmacology. The prize is donated by the Novartis Institutes for Biomedical Research. For further information, please contact PD Dr. Weitz-Schmidt, Past-President of the SSEP.

NIBR Prize awarded during the SSPT Spring Meeting 2018 in Bern:

Best poster presentation:

Mancuso RV, Casper J, Schmidt AG, Krähenbühl St, Weitz‐Schmidt G., University of Basel, and AlloCyte Pharmaceuticals AG, Basel; “Crossmodulation of integrins by monoclonal antibodies targeting the integrin αLβ2

Best ‘Young Society Member’ oral presentation:

Quentin Haas1,2, Christoph Schneider1, Cedric Simillion3, Kayluz Boligan1, Tankica Maneva Timcheva1, Camilla Jandus4, Mirela Kremenovic1, Gabriela Baerlocher5, Pedro Romero4, Robert Hunger6 Alfred Zippelius7, Heinz Läubli7, Stephan von Gunten1; 1 Institute of Pharmacology,University of Bern, 2 Graduate School for Cellular and Biomedical Sciences, University of Bern, 3 Department of Clinical Research, University of Bern, 4 Department of Fundamental Oncology, University of Lausanne, 5 Center laboratory of Haematology, Inselspital Bern, 6 Dermatology clinic, Inselspital Bern, 7 Department of Biomedecin, University of Basel; “Glycan‐Checkpoint Inhibitor unleashing CD8+ T cells against Cancer

Congratulations to the winners !