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We Scientists 2035 @ Swiss Geosciences Meeting 2018

Nov 30
10:00 - 12:30
Haus der Akademien
We scientists_2035_logo
Image: SCNAT
We scientists_2035_logo
We scientists_2035_logo (Image: SCNAT)

We are offering the "We Scientists 2035" workshop on research culture as part of the Swiss Geosciences Meeting 2018.

Participants have to be registered to the Swiss Geosciences meeting. For more information and for registration see here

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We Scientists 2035 Facilitator Pack

This is the facilitator pack for people who would like to replicate the We Scientists 2035 workshop.
Nov 30
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16th Swiss Geoscience Meeting 2018, Bern

One of the most fundamental and fascinating questions in science is why there is life on Earth. What makes our planet habitable and what is, for example, the role of plate tectonics in planetary habitability. Geoscientists not only play a crucial role in studying the evolution of planet Earth and the origins of life, but their studies can also contribute to maintaining our planet habitable and liveable for future generations.



Dr. Tania Jenkins
Forum for Genetic Research
House of Academies
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3001 Bern


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