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Natural History Collections Day

In 2018 the SSS would like to promote the natural history collections held in Switzerland. We propose to organize a common event in all of Switzerland in the form of an open-door day on natural history collections.

When: Saturday 17 Nov 2018

Where: in your institution! All over Switzerland, in museums, herbariums, universities or any other research institutes that hold natural history collections.

How: visit of the collections, conference on the role of collections, presentation of scientific specimens, presentation of your latest new species (cf. the 2015's poster), etc. Any public-oriented activity on collections can be proposed!

The message: based on a booklet (in French-German-Italian) explaining the importance of collections, their role in the future, why we still need to collect, the reasons why we are keeping and working on them etc.

Save the date! Check our website for updates on this project.

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Foreyia maxkuhni
  • 09.01.2018
  • SSS
  • Press release

A 240 million years old bizarre fish, species of the year 2018 of the SSS

As for current species, new fossil species are described each year by scientists. In 2017, researchers working in a Swiss institution described a total of 138 new species. And eight of them are extinct species! Of these, the SSS elected Foreyia maxkuhni species of the year 2018.
Colilodion schulzi
  • 16.01.2017
  • SSS
  • Press release

A rabbit-eared beetle, species of the year 2017 of the SSS

There are now 1.5 million known species of animal and plant in the world, but specialists estimate that the true number is actually between 10 and 100 times as many. Every year, several thousand species are discovered and described in scientific publications.
Switzerland is not getting left behind in this adventure; no fewer than 153 species were described by researchers working in Swiss institutions in 2016 alone. Among these, the Swiss Systematics Society has elected Colilodion schulzi species of the year 2017!


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