Physics lessons – a day at CERN

School class of the Freies Gymnasium Bern gets informed in Geneva about elementary particles

Students of the Freies Gymnasium Bern (FGB) with focus on mathematics and physics visited the European particle physics laboratory CERN in Geneva on 24 April.

School class of the Freies Gymnasium Bern visits CERN

There they were introduced to the world of particle physics by Bern University lecturer and CERN researcher Hans Peter Beck during a day. The visit was initiated by Peter Abegglen, physics teacher at the FGB. We accompanied the class during their visit and found that when CERN scientists explore the basics of matter, they often use the knowledge that has been taught in high-school physics lessons. A visit to CERN thus draws a direct link from teaching to the current cutting-edge physical research. The Berne students' visit is therefore recommended for imitation.

On the right (download/links) you will find the short film produced for the occasion. Link

Author: Benedikt Vogel

Interested teachers who wish to attend CERN with their class should contact CERN Visits Service:


Phone: +41 / 22 / 767 – 8484.


  • Educational science and Pedagogy
  • High School II


Swiss Institute of Particle Physics (CHIPP)
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