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PiA - Physics in Advent: still 24 experiments until Christmas

PiA offers 24 entertaining physics experiments to do yourself again this year. Due to the great interest from abroad, physics will be available in English during Advent, just like last year.

Physics in advent
Image: PiA, Georg-August-Universitat, Gottingen

PiA is designed for pupils in the school years five to ten, i.e. aged 11 to 18 years, respectively. After the experiences of the previous years, parents, teachers, students or simply those interested in physical phenomena also have great pleasure in it. This year, adults in companies, departments and circles of friends are once again invited to join in as a team and puzzle. From 1 to 24 December, everyone can watch a simple experiment on Youtube every day, which can easily be done with standard household materials. Afterwards one should try to explain the phenomena, whereby four answer possibilities are given. The next day there is the solution - again via Youtube movies. In the end, the results will be evaluated: individually, for a class group or even for entire schools. The best participants, classes or schools receive prizes. In addition to iPods, books and experimental kits, there will also be a trip to Dallas to NBA basketball games with Dirk Nowitzki:

Since 1 November now everyone can register on Further information can be found on the social media:

In the past years, PiA has always been a great success: In 2017 about 31,000 registered players (~50% female) from more than 80 countries participated. Most of them were students from Germany, Austria or Switzerland. The PiA-Youtube and websites were visited about 1.5 million times.

The project is supported by numerous people from science, television or politics, including the author Frank Schätzing, the flic flac circus director Larissa Medved-Kastein, the president of the European Physical Society Dr. Rüdiger Voss or Dirk Nowitzki, see the video below.

Flyers and posters can be requested free of charge via the contact website:

"PiA - Physics in Advent" is offered in cooperation with the Georg-August-Universität Göttingen, the Wilhelm und Else Heraeus-Stiftung, the German Physical Society (DPG), the Austrian Physical Society (ÖPG), the Schweizer Physikalische Gesellschaft (SPS) and the European Physical Society (EPS) as well as the successful project "Mathe im Advent" of the Deutsche Mathematiker Vereinigung.

We are looking forward to your participation!
With best regards,

Arnulf Quadt
for the PiA-Team at the University of Göttingen

PiA, trailer
PiA - Physik im Advent - Hauptgewinner reist nach Dallas