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Engaging Physics Tutoring 2024 - final call for registration until 31 March

EPT summer camp is an event for PhD students and postdocs in Physics. During this camp participants will cover topics of engaging teaching techniques, transferable skills, equity and inclusion. It takes place from 23-26 June 2024.

EPT Summer Camp 2024
Image: EPThub/ETHZ

The EPT summer camp'24 for physics PhD students and postdocs, will take place in beautiful Morschach mountains on June 23-26, 2024. The topics will be dedicated to engaging teaching, transferable skills for personal and professional development in research & beyond.

Participants will have an opportunity to dive into magic atmosphere of interactive workshops together with the coaches, as well as to get inspired by special guests!


  • Flying with Rosetta / Prof. Kathrin Altwegg (Former Lead of Rosetta Mission, CH)
  • Die 200 CHF Note / Artistic lecture from Prof. Günther Dissertori (ETH Rector, CH)
  • Explaining to be understood / Joachim Lachmuth ("Sendung mit der Maus", DE)
  • Leadership of challenging times / Oleksandra Matviuchuk (Nobel Peace Laureate, UA)

Training program

  • "Scale-up: Student-Centered Collaborative Learning & Teaching" Gerland Feldman (GW University, USA) & Guillaume Schiltz (ETH Zurich)
  • "Transferable skills through 3T Play - for teaching and research" Siara Isaac (Training Center EPFL)
  • "Emotions & Feedback" Siara Isaac (Training Center EPFL)
  • "How to Activate my Students" Vira Bondar (EPT-hub / ETH Zurich)
  • "Preparing for your classes: tipps & tricks" Andreas Lichtenberger ( ETH Zurich)
  • "Augmented Reality in Teaching" Andreas Lichtenberger ( ETH Zurich)
  • "Using AI tools in teaching and beyond"/ ETH AI Center
  • "Magic of engaging hands-on experiments of everyday life" Andreas Eggengerger (Head of Praktikum Lab at ETH Zurich)

Night Art Atelier: personal development through interactive hands-on experiences
Parallel artistic worshops on: glassblowing, interactive drawing and percussion