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Image: ESO, R. Fosburymore

CHIPP/CHART Workshop on Sustainability in Particle Physics


CAMPUS SURSEE Seminarzentrum AG | Postfach 487 | 6210 Sursee

Meeting place

CAMPUS SURSEE Seminarzentrum AG

We will bring together several communities : CHIPP, CHART, and those interested in sustainability to one three-day workshop.

CAMPUS SURSEE Seminarzentrum photo
Image: CAMPUS SURSEE Seminarzentrum

The program is:

Wed. 14.06: Focus on sustainability in particle physics
Thu. 15.06: Joint CHIPP/CHART sessions and excursion on sustainability, CHIPP Board 2023-02
Fri. 16.06: CHIPP Plenary 2023, ECR flash talks and poster prize


  • Particle Physics