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Image: Tobias Günther, SNSF Scientific Image Competitionmore

Bürgi exhibition in St. Gallen as of fall 2023

The exhibition on the Swiss watchmaker, astronomer and mathematician "Jost Bürgi (1552–1632) – Schlüssel zum Kosmos" at the Kulturmuseum St. Gallen starts on September 15, 2023 and lasts until March 3, 2024.

Frontispiz zu Bürgis Bedienungsanleitung für sein Triangulationsinstrument. Kupferstichporträt von Ägidius Sadeler, Illustrationen von Anton Eisenhoit.

The exhibition brings together Bürgi's masterpieces and places them in a cultural-historical context. Special pieces representing Bürgi's life and work are shown. Among others, exhibits from Kassel such as the cross-beat clock, the celestial globe Kassel I or a signed calibration rod. The Bürgi globe of the Swiss National Museum, Bürgi's only work in Switzerland, is also displayed. The exhibition is also aimed didactically at teachers and school classes.

Jost Bürgi was born in 1552 in Lichtensteig, Switzerland. He trained as a watchmaker and built high-precision measuring instruments and celestial gl