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Unveiling the First Billion Years in the History of the Universe with Revolutionary New JWST Observations




Institut für exakte Wissenschaften
Hörsaal 099 (Erdgeschoss)
Sidlerstrasse 5, 3012 Bern

International osmology experts will be convening at the International Space Science Institute to discuss specific questions like „Where did the stars in the first galaxies form and how extreme were they?“, „In what ways are the first galaxies unique?“, and „Are new discoveries challenging the cosmological framework?“

Pro ISSI Talk März 2024 - Unveiling the First Billion Years in the History of the Universe
Image: ISSI

The new revolutionary observations from the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST), one of the most ambitious scientific experiments of the 21st century, are adding new energy to the debate on the beginning of the Universe, and are challenging our current understanding.

ISSI takes this opportunity to bring the very latest news to the public by hosting a lecture followed a panel discussion with the scientific experts to debate fundamental open questions and the new insights into the chronology of the first Billion years of the Universe.


  • Pascal Oesch (University of Geneva, Switzerland)

Event panellists:

  • Pascal Oesch (University of Geneva, Switzerland)
  • Alice Shapley (University of California Los Angeles, USA)
  • Willy Benz (Universität Bern, Switzerland)
  • Susan Kassin (Space Telescope Science Institute, Baltimore, USA)
  • Claus Beisbart (University of Bern, Switzerland)

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