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Road transport shall cause fewer climate gases

Launch of European academy policy report

Apr 5
10:00 - 11:30
House of Academies, Bern
Sign with CO2
Image: Stockwerk-Fotodesign Adobe Stock
Sign with CO2
Sign with CO2 (Image: Stockwerk-Fotodesign Adobe Stock)

Reducing greenhouse gas in transport is particularly challenging. In contrast to progress in other sectors, emissions from road transport remain high. The new report «Decarbonisation of transport: Road transport has a dominant role» by the European Academies Science Advisory Council (EASAC) makes three policy recommendations to improve the situation: Avoid and curb demand for passenger and freight transport, shift to more energy-efficient transport modes and move to new propulsion systems and fuels based on renewable electricity. These proposed measures are also relevant for Switzerland.


  • Konstantinos Boulouchos: ETH Zurich and President of the Energy Commission of the Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences
  • François Launaz: President of the Association of Automobile Importers auto-suisse
  • Roger Nordmann: Member of the National Council and President of the Committee for Environment, Spatial Planning and Energy UREK/ESPEC
  • Benoît Revaz: Director of the Federal Office of Energy BFE/SFOE



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Sign with CO2
  • 19.03.2019
  • Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences
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The framework for a climate-neutral transport policy

The existing instruments of European and Swiss energy policy in the field of mobility are far from sufficient to achieve the climate objectives of the Paris Agreement. This is the conclusion of a new report by the European Academies Science Advisory Council (EASAC). The report focuses on road transport, which accounts for 72 percent of greenhouse gas emissions from transport in Europe, and recommends various measures.
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