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CIVITAS Forum 2019

Oct 2
Oct 4
Congress Graz
Albrechtgasse 1
8010 Graz
CIVITAS Forum 2019
Image: LupiSpuma
CIVITAS Forum 2019
CIVITAS Forum 2019 (Image: LupiSpuma)

The CIVITAS Forum Conference 2019 will be held in Graz, Austria. This edition of Europe's top sustainable urban mobility event will gather the leading figures in the field from across the continent and beyond. This varied group of city representatives, practitioners, policymakers and academics will debate and analyse the most pressing mobility topics and witness the pioneering solutions bringing cleaner, better transport to Europe.

This year's location of Graz marks something of a CIVITAS homecoming - the very first Forum took place there in 2003. Yet mobility moves fast. The reality in Graz now is vastly different to 16 years ago, like in many cities across Europe.

But how and why have things changed in this time? What has the role of CIVITAS been in this? What must be done to ensure a continued transition towards sustainable, safe and connected mobility?

To examine these crucial questions, the CIVITAS Forum 2019 has chosen to go 'back to the future' and look at the interplay between new technology and classic mobility solutions in the present day. With cities turning to people-centric planning and reclaiming public space, the importance of two legs and wheels is being rediscovered.

Alongside this, thematic sessions will focus on the most urgent mobility topics – many of them addressed by ongoing CIVITAS projects – and provide participants with fora to discover outstanding work from within and beyond the CIVITAS Initiative.

Take-up and transfer sessions also make their return. One of the Forum's most interactive elements, they enable participants to get hands-on with cutting-edge urban mobility tools and see methods in action. Study tours, walkshops and further engaging formats are envisaged!




For further information on Forum Conferences, contact: secretariat@civitas.eu.

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