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Stay Grounded Conference: Degrowth of Aviation

Jul 12
Jul 14
Can Battló
Carrer de la Constitución 25
08014 Barcelona
Stay Grounded Conference: Degrowth of Aviation
Image: Stay Grounded
Stay Grounded Conference: Degrowth of Aviation
Stay Grounded Conference: Degrowth of Aviation (Image: Stay Grounded)

The Stay Grounded network, together with civil society organisations and the Institute for Ecological Sciences and Technology ICTA in Barcelona, organizes the conference Degrowth of Aviation. It brings together social movements, NGOs and scientists in order to discuss concrete measures and strategies to reduce air traffic.

Since green growth and carbon neutral flights are an illusion, it is time to start a degrowth process of aviation. How can this look like? What are possible policy instruments that civil society should fight for, in order to put an end to the massive privileges of the aviation industry, and to bring forward a socially just and environmentally friendly transport system?

The focus of the conference will be seven parallel expert working groups which will discuss 1) advantages, 2) disadvantages, 3) political feasibility, and 4) next steps/strategies around possible political measures to reduce aviation, like:

  • Kerosene tax, ticket tax and VAT
  • Frequent flyer levy, progressive tax on flights and individual flying quotas
  • Limits on domestic flights, short haul flights, and flights per city, airport, and low-cost airlines
  • Institutional changes of travel policies
  • Moratoria on and bans of new airport infrastructure and airports being scaled down and dismantled (e.g. regional airports)
  • Fostering alternatives (e.g. night trains and buses in Europe, and ships using renewable gears)
  • Caps on tourism


Stay Grounded

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Payment details

The participation fee ranges between 10 and 50 €, depending on personal budget

Good to know

-The conference will be flight-free, which is why several sessions will involve online participation for those who live too far away.
-The results of the conference will be published online and used for further campaigns.

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Languages: English, Spanish