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Perspective Day on Space Science and Exploration

Symposium celebrating 50 years moon landing

Jun 28
10:00 - 16:30
University of Bern
Main building
Hochschulstrasse 6
3012 Bern
Bern in Space – 50 years moon landing
Image: Uni. Bern
Bern in Space – 50 years moon landing
Bern in Space – 50 years moon landing (Image: Uni. Bern)

Representatives of ESA, NASA and other institutions discuss the future of space research, planned missions, their scientific goals and challenges.

Leading scientists from major science agencies and organizations will share their visions for the future and discuss the plans of their respective organizations. They will explore the most fundamental open questions of the future and the type of infrastructures and missions that will be required to answer these questions. What are the major challenges we will face, and how can young scientists become actively involved in addressing them?


  • Xavier Barcons, ESO Director General
  • Ewine van Dishoeck, President of the IAU
  • Eckhard Elsen, Director for Research and Computing at CERN
  • Pascale Ehrenfreund, Chair of the DLR Executive Board
  • Günther Hasinger, ESA Director of Science
  • Thomas Zurbuchen, Associate Administrator for the Science Mission Directorate of NASA
  • Brian Schmidt, Nobel Laureate, Australian National University

Please register! (limited places)

The Event is targeted at young scientists from Swiss universities as well as from other research institutions. It is also open to an interested public. The key focus of the event is on space exploration, science and the grand challenges of the future.

The Event is a part of "Bern im All – We celebrate 50 years moon landing"

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Jun 30
2019: 50 years of Moon-landing: from the Moon to Mars?
  • Foundation Science et Cité
  • Platform MAP
  • Celebration / Festival
  • Bern

50 Jahre Mondlandung: Bern im All

Wie sieht unser Leben in 50 Jahren aus? Wollen wir Ferien auf dem Mond machen? Wie müsste der Mars eingerichtet sein, damit wir darauf leben könnten? Zusammen zeichnen wir ein Bild der Zukunft!
Jun 26
2019: 50 years of Moon-landing: from the Moon to Mars?
  • Kornhausforum
  • Foundation Science et Cité
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Moonhoax – Mondlandung und Verschwörungstheorien

Die Mondlandung, die nicht stattgefunden hat, ist eine, wenn auch eine der schönsten Verschwörungstheorien unter vielen. Das Genre hat Tradition, seit Jahrhunderten. Davon erzählt im Kornhausforum die Historikerin Stefanie Mahrer (Universität Bern).
Jun 19
2019: 50 years of Moon-landing: from the Moon to Mars?
  • Foundation Science et Cité
  • Cultural event
  • Discussion
  • Bern

Back to the Future: 1969–2069

What memories do we associate with the year 1969 and the moon landing? How do scientific events get into the collective memory? What were later great moments of science? And where are we going in 2069?
An interactive evening with music, film and many discussions.
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