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Accelerating a decentralised, intelligent and sustainable energy market

Oct 8
Oct 9
Conference Centre
99 City Road
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United Kingdom
EnTech Conference
Image: EnTech
EnTech Conference
EnTech Conference (Image: EnTech)

EnTech will look at technology as an enabler, rather than a disruptor and how the energy sector can make the right choices for a secure future.

This is a challenging yet exciting time to be involved in energy. The impact of digital transformation is being felt across the industry, from generation to distribution and consumption. New technologies are promising to make renewables more effective and accessible, while DSO’s are embracing new, innovative ways of managing networks in a exible fashion.

EnTech was created with the sole purpose of signposting this journey, bringing together leading professionals in the industry to share their insight and analysis. EnTech is not just a conference, it is a gathering of like-minded people who want to understand the REAL impact technology is having on the energy sector.


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