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21. European Energy Transition Conference

Jan 28
Jan 30
Palais des Congrès de Bordeaux
Avenue Jean Gabriel Domergue
33300 Bordeaux
21. European Energy Transition Conference
Image: EETC 2020
21. European Energy Transition Conference
21. European Energy Transition Conference (Image: EETC 2020)

Over the 3 days nearly 3,500 participants from the economic and political worlds and the civil society will meet up at the Palais des Congrès (Convention Centre). There they will discuss and share their experience of local energy transition around a programme made up of over a hundred events– plenary sessions, sharing and co-creation workshops and site visits.

The ambition of the 21st edition of the European Energy Transition Conference is to bring together players from the regions, decision-makers, thinkers and entrepreneurs from the world of energy around the need to speed up energy transition. At the time of climate change strikes, the #YouthForClimate movement and just a few months away from the local elections where ecological transition is becoming of increased concern to public opinion, this 2020 edition sets out to be a veritable sounding board for the innovations put forward by the various players in society and their action potential.

Resilience of our regions, environmental impact of digital technology, use of hydrogen, local heat... so many topics that will be dealt with during these 3 days dedicated to energy transition, not only in the form of plenary sessions, but also during numerous workshops and several theme visits organized in the Bordeaux area.


French Environment & Energy Management Agency


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Registration deadline: 22.01.2020

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