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Long Term Visions for Sustainability and Global Change

CASS / ProClim- Forum 30 May 1997

May 30
Teaser: Long Term Visions for Sustainability and Global Change
Teaser: Long Term Visions for Sustainability and Global Change
Teaser: Long Term Visions for Sustainability and Global Change

The Swiss research community obtains the unique opportunity to give direct input to the environmental research strategy of the Swiss Science Council for the next decade. For this purpose the Conference of the Scientific Academies (CASS) and ProClim- has initiated the study "Long Term Visions for the Sustainability and Global Change".

To base the study on the widest possible range of opinions the CASS asked a large number of researchers in the fall of 1996 for inputs. More than 150 contributions were then synthesized by about 40 persons from a broad range of science disciplines as well as from governmental agencies and the private sector. In a two day meeting at the end of March 97 the synthesis group developed the basis for the draft of the 'white paper'.
The research community has the opportunity to discuss in this Forum the draft of the CASS / ProClim- study "Long Term Visions for Sustainability and Global Change".

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Full english report: Visions of Swiss scientists
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Visions of Swiss scientists

Swiss scientists show in the form of theses and by suggesting concrete measures how they intend to do research in the fields of sustainability and global change in order to assume responsibility and to contribute to sustainable development. The paper is mainly addressed to decision-makers from politics and economy as well as research promotion since they set the essential framework conditions. It is also aimed at the science community of which an enforced commitment in the fields mentioned is vital.


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