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Sep 23
Sep 25
Reklim conference 2019
  • Conference
  • Berlin

2nd International Conference "Our Climate - Our Future"

Looking back on ten successful years and looking ahead to the next funding period, REKLIM will host the 2nd International Conference. The conference’s main goal is to provide a forum where scientists from around the globe can present and discuss the latest findings on regional climate research in connection with REKLIM’s focus areas.
Oct 9
Oct 10
14th Carbon Dioxide Utilisation Summit
  • Conference
  • Düsseldorf

14th Carbon Dioxide Utilisation Summit

During this new European edition of the event, the conference will explore the current state of the industry, including the effect of new policies and sustainability targets, whilst also exploring latest technology development, both on the electrolysis and bio-conversion sides.
Oct 23
Oct 25
GDN Conference 2019
  • Conference
  • Bonn

Knowledge for Sustainable Development: the Research Policy Nexus

The Global Development Network (GDN) is hosting its 19th global development conference on the 23-25 October 2019, to facilitate the research-policy interface in pursuit of the SDGs. The conference will also mark GDN's 20th anniversary since its launch at the World Bank Development Conference in 1999.
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