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Aug 12
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Course "Storytelling & Storyboarding Science at Locarno Festival"
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3rd Storytelling & Storyboarding Science at Locarno Film Festival

“Great stories happen to those who can tell them” (Ira Glass)
We seek to challenge, inspire and train scientists to use narrative techniques and strategies employed in film to produce persuasive presentations and publications. Discovering and learning about filmmakers communication strategies and techniques and applying them in science communication will help scientists for better communication of their research, and scientists are wise enough to do so!
Jan 31
Feb 2
Rigi Workshop 2021 - title
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  • Workshop
  • Rigi Kulm

Rigi Workshop 2021 : Cell Biology of Infection

Do you want to increase your knowledge in the broad field of cell biology of infection? Join the 3-days workshop at the top of Rigi mountain, one fo the most scenic spot in Switzerland. You will develop your scientific network and discuss your research with other PhD students and experts in a friendly atmosphere.
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