• 19.03.2019
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World Water Development Report 2019 - Leaving No One Behind

World Water Report 2019
World Water Report 2019
World Water Report 2019

In an increasingly globalized world, the impacts of water-related decisions cross borders and affect everyone. Extreme events, environmental degradation, population growth, rapid urbanization, unsustainable and inequitable consumption patterns, conflicts and social unrest, and unprecedented migratory flows are among the interconnected pressures faced by humanity, often hitting those in vulnerable situations the hardest through their impacts on water.

Improved water resources management and access to safe water and sanitation for all is essential for eradicating poverty, building peaceful and prosperous societies, and ensuring that ‘no one is left behind’ on the road towards sustainable development.

Inadequate water and sanitation kill more people each year than conflicts and natural disasters combined. Access to water is a vital human right.

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