• 09.04.2019
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Researchers for the new Cluster "ROOTS" - Kiel

The new Kiel Cluster of Excellence 'ROOTS, Societal, environmental, and Cultural connectivity in Past Societies' at Kiel University announces 30 new positions (9 Research Associate, 19 PhD and 2 Academic Infrastructure positions) to be filled asap.

The new Cluster ROOTS – Social, Environmental, and Cultural Connectivity in Past Societies in the frame of the German Excellence Initiative explores social, environmental, and cultural processes that have substantially shaped past human development (and which are still active today). Research is organized in six research units (i.e. subclusters) covering six foci: (1) Environmental hazards and impacts; (2) Dietary intake and disease; (3) Knowledge production, technology, and innovation; (4) Population agglomeration and urbanisation; (5) Social differentiation and inequalities; and (6) Conflict and conciliation. The ROOTS ‘Reflective Turn’ will enable cross-disciplinary dialogue and enquiries within and between research foci, providing an overarching theoretical frame.

The Research Associates and Doctoral positions participate in the ROOTS Young Academy. The ROOTS Young Academy brings together young experts from an array of disciplines, which support ROOTS research with innovative research ideas. The Young Academy provides young researchers with excellent conditions for a successful career and personal development.

Details on the program and all the 30 positions can be found at
Especially some positions might be of interest for those that are interested in social inequalities, conflict and concilitations:

  • 08RA Research Associate Position: Quantification of social inequality in prehistoric societies
  • 12PhD Doctoral Position: Globalisation and connectivity: networks and social inequality
  • 15PhD Doctoral Position: Early social inequality and early violence
  • 08PhD Doctoral Position: Prehistoric Amber Connectivities
  • 16PhD Doctoral Position: Late Neolithic and Bronze Age conflict and conciliation

Information on the Cluster of Excellence 'ROOTS' is found here: https://www.jma.uni-kiel.de/en/roots

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