• 24.10.2019
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The Shelley Saunders/ Koloshuk Family Scholarship

The Shelley Saunders / Koloshuk Family scholarship supports biological anthropology PhD students for 4 years of study with a minimum of $35,000/year (international students) and up to $25,000/year (domestic students). Apply to our PhD program and you will be automatically considered. There are funds available to assist with lab and fieldwork. Visit bit.ly/DoctorofPhilosophyinAnthropology

Finding a supervisor: In our graduate programs we emphasize a close match of interests between students and faculty supervisors. Visit our anthropology.mcmaster.ca/people to review the research interests of our biological anthropologists:

• Dr. Megan Brickley

• Dr. Tina Moffat

• Dr. Hendrik Poinar

• Dr. Tracy Prowse

For PhD students in Biological Anthropology working with faculty in the Department of Anthropology
The Department of Anthropology has several labs with state-of-the-art equipment that graduate students have access to:
• The Laboratory for Integrated Bioarchaeological Research in Health, Diet, Disease, and Migration (Bioarch-HDDM). This facility is composed of four integrated laboratory spaces:

• The Bioarcheology Analytical Suite

• The Microscopy Suite

• The Isotope Sample Preparation Suite

• The Brickley Bioarcheology Lab

• The McMaster Ancient DNA Centre
Visit anthropology.mcmaster.ca/spaces for details on all our labs!


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